User Experience Strategy

Great products start with great strategy. We’ll help you make sure your customer is at the center of yours. Are the features really the ones the customers want? Does the product fit well into the world the user actually lives in? Which UX activities do you need to focus on to make sure your key questions are answered? We’re here to help you roadmap an action plan that keeps your customer as the focus of your game plan.

Customer Research

Customer research aims to better understand not only the needs of the customer, but the overall context it fits in. The goal is to help you make better decisions about your product plans based on feedback you are getting from your customers. Unlike other researchers, we have extensive experience CREATING products. This means we won’t waste time on research that won’t help the development of your product.

For example, in one research effort we learned that a web site would be perfectly acceptable to attorneys but not to their clerks. Our working assumption was that their needs were the same. Why the difference? Because the attorney’s only needed to overview status, while the clerks had tons of paperwork in process that they needed to work with on a daily basis. In another study, we learned that customers had no problem using the product once it was up and running, but getting it running gave them a lot of trouble. Insights like these that can save you much time and effort by knowing which customer problems to solve and which ones are not important.

To do this, we employ a number of rigorous methods. Rigor is important because otherwise you can’t be sure of the outcome. However, speed is also important. Our 20+ years of experience helps us know how to get the work done in the fastest way possible while maintaining quality.

Among some of the methods we use: Usability tests, A|B test, surveys, focus groups, card sorting, ethnographic studies, structured interviews, and design thinking workshops. We can work within an agile structure, a Lean structure, Waterfall, or any other rational method. We’d be happy to help you decide which methods make sense for your situation.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is where we help you decide what the major chunks of your application should be, and how the user will move between them. Typically starting with either wireframes or a simple prototype, we start mapping out the main functionality of your product from a users point of view. We have designed many dozens, perhaps hundreds, of products. We know where the trap doors are, and how to avoid them.

We design the overall structure, the navigation, the specific interaction elements, and the information structure. Its much more than a matter of minimizing clicks, or maximizing content. Its about creating a gestalt, an experience where the user feels empowered and delighted.

Human Centered Product Innovation

Often called “Design Thinking” we can help your team apply innovative techniques to solve business and technical problems. Design Thinking is the methods designers use to solve creative problems. It turns out these methods are great for solving business problems too, especially when there is a customer at the center of those problems. We can help you create workshops for your team, or bring innovative methods into your day to day product creation.

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