Our Mission: Your Innovation

Vision & Logic helps software teams develop products that go beyond easy to use and move into the realm of delightful.

We offer User Experience Design consulting services tailored to fit your team and your customers.

Whatever your domain – medical, financial, consumer, scientific, social networks, cybersecurity, legacy, or emerging technology – we help get your project on track and moving forward. We’ve been there since the early days of GUI fat client, to the highly complex cloud based services of today. When the next advance breaks, we’ll be there too.

Our only goal: To help you connect with your customers in the most creative and effective ways possible.

Our Services

Our consulting services falls into four broad categories:
1. User Experience Strategy – Great products require great strategy. Applying strategy with deep customer empathy, we’ll help you make sure what your customer really wants is at the center of yours. We can help you make a roadmap of customer centric activities to keep everything on track.

2. Customer Research – Deep customer empathy begins by spending time with your customers. We have conducted numerous studies, including customer site visits, structured interviews, diary studies, and usability tests, to help bring the voice of the customer into the product.

3. Interaction Design – We work with your team to create the ways in which your users will flow through your system; determining the broad chunks that organize it and specific interaction elements that enable it.

4. Human Centered Product Innovation – Often referred to as “Design Thinking”, we can help your team apply innovative methods to solve business and technical problems.


Matt Belge, founder of Vision & Logic, has been a User Experience (UX) Designer since before the term existed. With an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, and graduate work in Fine Art at Massachusetts College of Art, Matt believes that art and engineering can work synergistically to form great user experiences.

He founded Vision & Logic in 1993 after working in the same human factors group at Sun Microsystems that included Bruce Tognazzini and Jakob Nielsen.

Matt had been a Group Director of User Experience at Digitas, Artist in Residence at First Person, Inc. (inventors of the Java Language) and Principal UX Designer at Carbon Black. Matt is a former president of BostonCHI, a local ACM chapter for professional user experience designers with over 200 members. He has lectured at leading universities including Boston University and Harvard. He has published in juried UX journals, and spoken at both local and national conferences on UX topics.


I’ve chosen to work with Matt at every job I’ve had in the past 15 years (at Ziff-Davis, Digitas, and Fidelity Investments). As a designer, he manages to combine big-picture focus on real people and their priorities with real attention to detail. Matt’s depth of experience and insight are matched by his boundless good humor and enthusiasm. They don’t come any better than Matt. – David Rollert, SVP at Digitas LLC, VP Design at Fidelity

I have worked with Matt on many projects over the years. He is one of the few who truly “get it” in terms of designing elegant and simple solutions to complex problems. He is not only able to quickly deliver high quality work, he is easy and enjoyable to work with too. – Doug Gibson, Director, User Centered Design at Symantec

Matt brings together all of the right disciplines of psychology, economics, anthropology, and of course, sharp design, to be one of the finest Customer Experience Designers I have worked with. His skill at digging into complex businesses, his calm in dealing with volatile clients, and his insights about what will drive a real breakthrough are extraordinary. You will learn much from working with Matt, and will be very impressed by the output. – David Edelman, EVP at Digitas LLC

I’ve seen Matt’s work for almost ten years, as a client at the first broadband Internet service, when he did pioneering work on multiple web interfaces. Since then I’ve been an enthusiastic fan. Matt puts it all together — design, scholarship, usability expertise, persuasion, and GETTING IT DONE. He’s highly recommended and potential clients can feel free to contact me for a reference. – Doug Hardy, Director at MediaOne, and author of Six Fundamentals to Building a Lifelong Career

Our Clients

  • American Express
  • AT&T
  • Athena Health
  • Bose
  • Carbon Black
  • Citizen’s Bank
  • Dell
  • Digitas LLC
  • FedEx
  • Fidelity
  • First Person
  • Hewlett Packard

Any Questions

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